Friday, December 6, 2013

Final Photo Critique

Photo #1: This is a really nice picture because the colors grab your eye. The dark blue is what first pulls my eye in. The silhouetted trees at the bottom of the photo serve as a black spot that pulls your eye up to the tops of the tree and then through the layers of color in the sky. The blues in this picture are what make it strong.
#1 By Alicia Cadrette

Photo #2: This photo is nice because even though the elk are small, they are the center point for the photograph. They are almost lost in the field of dried grass but the dark part of their heads poke out. I like the naturalness to this scene. There is a good foreground and then center, which is the elk, and then the background. The natural colors were caught nicely in this photograph.
#2 By Tyler Reed

Photo #3: A nice choice was made in making this photograph black and white. It makes the photo very strong. The three bison is pleasing to the eye because there is an odd number of them captured. On parts of the bison, white specks of snow are captured because they are so dark. The layers of trees in the background are somewhat haunting, but beautiful.
#3 By Cody Halverson

Photo #4: This picture captures reflection of the sun very nicely on snow. It just looks like a regular pine cone until the sun hits it just right. The closeness of this photograph is very nice. The photographer took into account to help the viewer be at almost eye level of the pine cone. Also, from the reflection, the snow appears to be a blanket of blue rather than white, but this adds to the photo. Beautiful.
#4 By Jon Brunn

Photo #5: This photo also gains beautifully from being in black and white. First this is a very nice reflection picture. Also the rocks cause for a good foreground, almost causing a line or barrier from the water that leads to the rest of the picture. The dock on the left helps to lead you to the tree line of eerie pines. The smoke-screen effect from the fog adds nicely to the mood of this photograph: quite, peaceful, and even somber.
#5 By Nancy Robinson

Photo #6: Once again, the blue in the sky captures my eye. My eye in this photo start from the bottom right of the foreground and climb up the steps to the left to the trees and then are guided back to the right of the steps and to the steam and up to the gap of sky through the clouds. Very nice capture of colors in the sky.
#6 By Zach Witt

Photo #7: This is another photograph that is also strong because it is black and white. It is also another good representation of reflection in the water. The reflection in the water of the tree leads the eye from the water and up to the actual tree. The rocks sticking up out of the water also form a natural diagonal line that cuts along the photo. This photograph also has an eerie appeal due to the fog.

#7 By Tyler Reed

Photo #8:  This photograph is eye catching because of the bright white streaks of lightening caught, lighting up the blue and purple night sky. The blackness of the city below is light up too with little dots of lights. The lightening strikes lead the eye downward to the horizon line. The light coming from the left side, radiating from the bluish, purple clouds is a nice effect.

#8 By Brandon Haggard

Photo #9: This is also another photograph that is nice in black and white. These sparkles of water droplets look almost like little Christmas lights glowing in the night, wrapped around a gate or something. But they are just drops of water caught just right by the light. The blurred, grey background is nice as the background for the close-up of the water drop scene.
#9 By Stina Foiles

Photo #10: I like this photograph for the almost pale colors in the sky. I like how the roads sweeps in from the right-hand side and then carries the eye along from the foreground and leading eventually along to the left and on to the mid-ground. The fence posts almost run parallel to the road alongside and then a natural bend sweeps the eye to the hill tops in the background. The pinks and blues and purple and oranges turn to almost pastels, coloring the sky.
#10 By Cole Broadus

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

In-Class Photo Critique #2


    This first photograph looks like a waterfall coming down a mountainside but really it is misty clouds sweeping down into a valley of trees. The scene is very serene and peaceful. A high f/stop was most likely used in order to caption the mist in slow motion like that. I like the variation in shades of blue at the top of the photo and then the clouds sweep the eyes downward, following the motion of the mist.


   The second photograph is of a mossy rock sticking up out of the surface of the ocean. The forefront of the shot makes my eyes hurt a little looking at it too long because it is very blurry. My eyes want to focus more on the rock that is clear. Looking at the rock, the point of the top of the rock helps for the eyes to follow up the photo and out to the horizon line. Once again, I really like the variation of blues from the sky and down to the water. The blues bring you forward to the rock and then dissipate.


    The third and last photograph is of a squirrel falling in mid-air about to land on a branch. I like how the tree branch is in the middle of the bottom of the photo and going forward into the picture. I like the capture of light on the squirrel's back. I also like how the colors of the squirrel were captured nicely; his oranges and browns. The background may be a bit too blurred out for my eyes, but I like that the green background is blurred out because if it wasn't, the eye wouldn't be able to focus on the squirrel. Maybe if just the background was blurred and not the tree branch, that would be good.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Photography Final Project

1)  Yellowstone National Park   *Gallery submission     ISO 400   18.1mm   f/8.0   1/1000sec   No Flash
2) Yellowstone National Park           ISO 400    12.8mm    f/8.0    1/320sec    No Flash
3) Yellowstone National Park        ISO 400   6mm    f/2.8    1/1600sec    No Flash
4) Yellowstone National Park     ISO 400    6mm    f/2.8     1/1600sec    No Flash
5) Yellowstone National Park    ISO 400    6mm    f/2.8     1/1600sec     No Flash
6) Yellowstone National Park   ISO 400    6mm    f/2.8    1/320sec    No Flash
7) Yellowstone National Park    ISO 400    6mm    f/2.8    1/1000sec    No Flash
8) Yellowstone National Park     ISO 400    10.3mm    f/4.0    1/250sec     No Flash
9) Yellowstone National Park     ISO 400     6.7mm     f/8.0     1/30sec    No Flash
10) Yellowstone National Park     ISO 400    6mm    f/4.0    1/160sec    No Flash
11) Yellowstone National Park       ISO 400    6mm    f/4.0    1/200sec    No Flash
12) Yellowstone National Park       ISO 400   6mm    f/4.0    1/25sec    No Flash
13) Yellowstone National Park        ISO 400    6mm     f/2.8    1/125sec     No Flash
14) Yellowstone National Park        ISO 400    6mm    f/2.8    1/100sec    No Flash
15) Yellowstone National Park    *Gallery Submission      ISO 400     6mm     f/2.8      0.6sec      No Flash
16) Yellowstone National Park       ISO 200     60mm     f/4.3      1/125sec      No Flash
17) Yellowstone National Park        ISO 80    18.1mm     f/8.0    1/13sec      No Flash
18) Yellowstone National Park           ISO 100    18.1mm     f/8.0     1/10sec    No Flash
19) Yellowstone National Park        ISO 100    10.3mm      f/4.5     1/1000      No Flash
20) Yellowstone National Park         ISO 100    10.3mm    f/6.3     1/500sec     No Flash
21) Yellowstone National Park        ISO 100     8.2mm     f/4.5    1/800sec    No Flash
22) Riverfront Park          ISO 800   11.5mm    f/3.5    1/160sec      No Flash
23) Riverfront Park         ISO 800   60mm    f/4.3    1/160sec    No Flash
24) Yellowstone National Park      ISO 200    60mm    f/4.3     1/250sec    No Flash
25) Yellowstone National Park           ISO 200    60mm     f/4.3      1/1600sec       No Flash
26) Beartooth Mountains           ISO 100     6mm       f/3.5      1/250sec      No Flash
27) Riverfront Park          ISO 800    11.5mm     f/3.5      1/500sec      No Flash
28) Riverfront Park            ISO 800     31.5mm      f/4.0     1/500sec     No Flash
29) Riverfront Park          ISO 800     38.9mm    f/4.0    1/500sec     No Flash
30) Riverfront Park             ISO 100       11.5mm       f/3.5    1/500sec      No Flash

Furry Friends

  I felt like looking up some photos of dogs. Dogs always put me in a good mood. The yawning Golden Retriever makes me smile because of his big pink tongue. The Chocolate lab puppy has a really pretty coat. The Australian Shepard pup has pretty, pale blue eyes. And the last photo of the two pups is fun because the one on the left is sticking his nose in the frame. I think all of these are nice pictures.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Yellowstone River

By Ron Reznick

By Cindy Goeddel

   Here are some photographs of the Yellowstone River. My favorite is of the bison swimming in the water. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Some Wolf Photography

Photograph by Scott W. Rouse
Photograph by Mukul Soman

Photograph by Joel Sartore

Photograph by Joel Sartore

   I like looking at photography taken of wolves. I wish I was able to capture some of my own. My favorite of these is the second photograph. I like the contrast of the black and white. The white wolf stands out greatly from the background and catches the eye. I have also seen the last photograph of the three wolf pups before. I think it was in a magazine and it was an add for the World Wildlife Fund or some association like that. The advertisement was something like " The three little wolves aren't so terrible," or something along those lines.