Wednesday, October 30, 2013


The National Parks finally got re-opened and we got to go to Yellowstone this weekend. Mark took us and within the two days, I feel like we covered pretty much all of the park. I had never driven all over the park like that, so it was nice. Of course having done so, we still did not see one wolf. My luck I guess. Every time I have gone to Yellowstone looking for wolves, I have yet to see one. I will just drop my expectations next time and then maybe? 

Mark helped me learn something about my camera. I have had it for almost four years now and I did not really know what I was doing. Now I feel like I understand a little more. I didn't know I had some control over things. I messed around a lot with the settings and just tried to take some good pictures. Anyway I learned something so that is always good, right?

Upper  Terrace

Elk at Northeast Entrance

Back of Northeast Entrance

Jazz and I


Lower Falls

Old Faithfull

Sunrise at Upper Terrace

Sunrise at Upper Terrace

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